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Chapter Four: Three's Company Too
"Hello Tom, come on in," John said as he opened the
door to let his long time friend through the door.

"Tom this is Julie Nemare, an old friend of mine from
college, Julie this is Tom Landers a good friend of mine."

"Nice to meet you Julie."


"Tom why don't you have a seat," John said resuming
his seat next to Julie on the couch. "Why don't I refresh our
drinks Julie and Tom can I get you anything while I am
doing that?" John said as he sat the empty glasses on the
tray and then picked it up from the table as he stood to leave
the room.

"Sure what are you guys drinking?"

"Coke but I have other stuff if you want it."

"How about putting a little rum in my coke, okay buddy?"

"One rum and Coke coming up," John said then
disappeared into the kitchen.

Thank God Tom showed up when he did or I would have
ended up fucking Julie again and then...who knows what
would have happened. I just know I do not want to get caught
up in a crazy relationship and get hurt again.

Reaching into the cabinet to get another glass down John
could feel himself calming down and the feelings of anxiety
subsiding a little bit as he gathered his thoughts. I wonder if
she was kidding about asking Tom to join in with us? She
probably was, that would be just like her to turn the screws on
you when she senses you are uncomfortable.

Finished filling the glasses with ice John returned to the
living room with the drinks.

"Coke and rum for you Tom and I freshened your ice Julie,"
John said as he served the drink and then took his seat on
the couch.

"So John Julie was just telling me that you guys were good
friends in college."

"Yeah, you could say that, we used to hang out quite a bit
as a matter of fact."

"Oh, so Julie you knew him real well 'when' so to speak,
I guess huh?"

"Yeah you could say that, he was a wild one back then,"
Julie said with a sly grin and raised brow as she took a sip from
her drink.

"I knew it! so Julie, want to spill the goods on some of the
things he used to do?" Tom asked very interested.

"Sure, oh the stories I could tell you."

"Hey, you too don't I get a vote on this goods spilling here?"

"No," Julie and Tom said simultaneously.

"Well Tom, the stories I could tell you, hmm...where should
I start? I remember one time we went out to the covered bridge
late one night, oh it must have been around 3 or 4 a.m. on a sat
morning, and we decided to go skinny dipping under the bridge."

"Oh yeah, that is so cool, I would not have imagined John
being relaxed enough to something like that in a million years,"
Tom said laughing and turning to glance in Johns direction.

"Well some of us grow out of our childish tendencies,"
John remarked pointedly.

"Hey! Quite in the peanut gallery, so anyway we were under
there swimming around for like twenty or so minutes when I
decided to disappear under the water sneak up behind him
and give John a hand job and apparently while I was under
the water jacking John off the sheriff sneaked up on us
because when I came up for air he was sanding there with
his hands on his hips giving John a lecture, well luckily for
me when I came up I came up far enough behind John to
block the sheriffs view of me so he never saw me," Julie said
really getting into the story now. "So after listening to him give
John the riot act for a minute or two I decide to quietly duck
back under the water and give John a blow job, just to make
him squirm some more."

"What! You didn't!"

"Yes I did, so anyway I was under their sucking away and
John was just standing their squirming a little bit, trying to keep
his concentration as the sheriff was giving it to him about
respecting landmarks and public decency and whatnot, well
after a few minutes John finally reaches down and grabs me
by the shoulders and pulls me up out of the water and he's like:
'What the heck did you think you were doing that with that sheriff
standing right there! I almost fainted and then what do you think
he would have done if he had to come in here and save me and
found you doing that to me?' I laughed so hard, you should have
seen the look on his face! It was priceless," Julie finished as
she and Tom were laughing so hard they had to hold their

"Well at least someone got some enjoyment out of that little
story," John remarked dryly not finding the story in the least bit
amusing but they ignored him and continued gossiping.
"Umhmm," John cleared his throat. "I hate to interrupt gossip
feast '98, but would anyone else like something more to drink
besides me?" he said standing up.

"Oh yeah, another rum and Coke for me, thanks"

"Oh I am fine, thanks, so then one time..." Julie said and
turned back to Tom and their gossiping about John.


Returning from the kitchen John sat the tray down and took
his seat, looking up he noticed that Tom and Julie were both
looking at him speculatively.

"What's up guys?" he asked, browse raised.

"Oh, we were just talking about a particular incident involving
Paula Taliansk," Tom answered.

"Julie! you didn't tell Tom about that did you?" John asked

"Oh, yeah it sort of came up while we were talking about
your college exploits," Julie said sheepishly avoiding eye
contact with John.

"Oh, man," John groaned. "Did you have to tell him that?
GOD Julie!"

"Hey, John, don't worry about it, I don't think badly of you
or anything like that man," Tom interjected. "We were all young
once and besides...," his voice trailing off to silence.

"Besides, we were just wondering if you would like to, ah,
relive the past a little bit," Julie said quietly.

"What!" John exclaimed.

"Well I was telling Tom the story of how we had a menage
with Paula and it kind of got us a little heated up so I asked
Tom if he wanted to menage with you and me," Julie continued.

"And I said that if you were game for it I was," Tom finished
for her.

"Guys," John said after a few seconds of silence. "I just, I
just don't know, it has been so long since I have done anything
like that..." John stammered averting his eyes to his lap.

"Then it will be like a little trip to the past, you know recapturing
some of your youthful exuberance," Julie reasoned, trying to
convince him.

"Yeah, I guess it would," John answered weakly lifting his
eyes to meet Julie's cool ones.

"So, you will do it then?" Tom asked calmly.

"Yeah, why not? We are all adults here," he answered softly.

"Yeah, after all it is just people having sex, nothing more
nothing less," Julie encouraged.

"So shall we go up stairs," Tom asked.

"Hmm I think we should start right here, don't you John,"
Julie said sliding closer to John on the couch. "It will be like
old times," she whispered as she kissed him passionately
on the lips.

Responding to her kiss John let his tongue slip into her
mouth as his hands came up to cup her breasts and give
them a gentle squeeze. Feeling her hands on his waist
fumbling for his belt John broke their embrace and
unfastened his buckle. He could Julie's hands quickly
inside of his pants as she grasped his cock in her warm hand.

"Ahh," John moaned softly as he thrust his hips at Julie.

Bowing her head to Johns distended member Julie let her
tongue flick out and graze the head of his cock slowly, brushing
the glands with broad sweeping strokes as she continued
caressing the shaft with her nimble fingers. After a few more
minutes of teasing his cock Julie engulfed it in her mouth,
alternately sucking gently and caressing it with her tongue as
she held John by the hips to keep him as still as possible. She
was in control here. She motioned with her left hand for Tom
to come over and participate.

John could feel Julie inhale sharply and opened his eyes
to see Tom fondling Julie's breasts and kissing the back of
her neck as she her head continued its languid up and down
motion. Watching Julie's face John could tell she was enjoying
Tom's hands on her. His arousal was elevated to a higher plain
at the sight of Julie being stimulated by someone else while she
gave him pleasure and me moaned softly as the little quivers of
pleasure continued to surge up his shaft. Closing his eyes as
the intensity of the sensations grew stronger John griped the
arm and back of the couch tighter.

Suddenly feeling the cool of the air on his shaft Johns eyes
snapped open to see Julie unbuttoning her blouse and Tom
pulling it off of her superbly sculpted shoulders, revealing her
firm, brown tits and light brown nipples. Finally letting the
garment drop to the floor he realized she had not worn a bra
as Tom began to roll her exquisite nipples between his thumbs
and forefingers.

John watched as Julie threw her head back in pleasure,
moaning softly at Toms exploring fingers before Tom quieted
her moans with a hard lust filled kiss oh her lips as he let his
hands slide down her body toward the waist band of her skirt.

Breaking the kiss with Tom Julie returned her attention to
Johns still stiff cock and licked the bulbous head like a lollipop
before engulfing it again, this time sucking on it hard and
purposefully abandoning any pretense of teasing. Feeling
Tom's hands trying to pull her skirt down Julie lifted her ass to
make the task easier. A few seconds later she could feel the
cool air of the room on her exposed womanhood as Toms hands
caressed her firm round ass and hips, sending waves of pleasure
up and down her spine as she continue to fellatio John. She
could feel John nearing orgasm as she sucked furiously on his
cock. Cupping his balls and squeezing she tried to hurry him on
to his impending climax so that she could become immersed in
the sensations Tom was sent tripping through her body as she
could now feel one of his hands playing with her sex.

Feeling Johns cock spasms in her mouth she heard him cry
out as his orgasm finally overcame him. He head stopped bobbing
up and down as she tried to suck his cock dry of cum. She was
able to swallow some, but most of it dribbled onto her chin and
chest. Feeling John spasms subside Julie released his cock
from her mouth and began rubbing the spilt cum into her skin
as she felt Toms fingers slipping into her wet cunt. She moaned
softly as she felt his finger lightly rub little circles around her
extended clit, while his other hand continued to caress her bottom.

John watched intently as Tom slowly fucked Julie with his
fingers and kissed her neck and shoulders. Getting down onto
the floor so that he could get a better view of Julie's arousal
Tom removed a cushion from the couch and laid it down beside
her. Reaching for her tits he began to fondle her cum soaked
breasts with his hands. Running his left hand down her front to
her stomach, he could feel the muscles there quivering as the
pleasurable sensations both he and Tom were sending through
her body.

Lowering his head to her breasts John took one of her
nipples into his mouth. He could taste the salty flavor of his own
semen on her nipple as he ran his tongue over the hard nubbin.
He let his hand continue to travel down her body until he felt
Toms hand in her bush. Gently pushing Toms hand aside he
let his finger run down and then up her wet slit before he
inserted his index finger into her wet folds. Feeling how
lubricated she was he made eye contact with his long time
friend and knew that Tom was going to also reinsert his finger
in her as John began to rub her clit with long slow strokes.

Tom began to slowly stroke his finger in and out of Julie
while John continued to rub her clit. Hearing Julie's increased
breathing and soft moans Tom decided to insert another finger
into her juicy cunt and began stroking it in rhythm with his other.
He could feel Julie's juices coating his hand while he fingered
her warm hole. He continue caressing her soft pliant ass while
he fingered her and kissed the side and back of her arched neck.
Feeling her body began to tremble in orgasm Tom began to stroke
his fingers faster as he pulled her body tighter against his own.

Hearing Julie's moans grow louder John released her turgid
breasts from his mouth to watch her face as she came. John
could see the intense look of ecstasy come over Julie's face as
her orgasm overwhelmed her and rubbed her clit a little harder
and faster. He could fill her juices explode over his fingers as
she came. Lifting his soaked hand to his lips he slowly licked
his fingers clean, making sure not to miss a single drop.

Julie opened her eyes to see John licking her off of his
hand as the feel of Tom's hand caressing her sex and ass.

"That was incredible," she purred softly as she tried to calm
her breathing and collapsed back against the front of the couch.

"Julie I want to eat you," John said in a husky voice as he
stroked her thighs. " You look so tasty right now"

"Yes, I want you to eat my pussy John," Julie said as she
took a cushion from the couch and laid it on the floor then laid
down beside it. Lifting her head a little she slide one cushion
under her headand then spread her legs, inviting John to

Reaching for Julie's legs John Let his hands run up and
then down her thighs as she lifted her hips from the floor.
Grabbing the other cushion John slide it beneath Julie's but,
elevating her womanhood off of the floor as he crawled between
her legs to taste her.

As John let his index finger run up her moist slit before letting
it slip into her warm wetness his tongue played slowly over her
clit, he could feel it beginning to extend at his touch.
Wrapping his lips around her clit he began to gently suckle it
as he continued to let his tongue tickle and tease her. Hmm she
sound as if she is enjoying herself maybe I'll see if I can push her
over the edge a little more John thought as he began to vibrate his
tongue over her clit and caress her thighs and ass.
At the sound of Julie crying out loud John averted his eyes toward
her face as he continued to work over her love button. He could see
that Tom was nibbling and licking on her neck and enthusiastically
kneading her breasts in his hands, tugging at her pert nipples and
rolling them between his nimble fingers before he lowered his head
to suck on her distended nipples, taking them into his mouth one
at a time, suckling on each for what seemed like an eternity to John.
Johns cock grew even stiffer at the erotic sight of Tom feeding on
Julie so he turned his body slightly sideways so that he could more
comfortably concentrate on bringing Julie to orgasm with his tongue
and fingers. He Continued to watch as Toms feasted on Julie as he
redoubled his efforts on her pussy, stroking his finger in and out of
her faster while he inserted a second digit in to her slippery, wet
hotness. He could feel her feet tapping spasmodically on his back
and she clamped her thighs tightly around his ears at the added
friction and sensations he sent pulsing through her pelvis. Lapping
at her juices as if he were dying of thirst John began to suckle on her
clit harder while stroking her pussy with his fingers faster while
inserting a third finger. John could feel Julies orgasm as the walls of
her love pit contracted around his probing fingers and he could feel
her juices spurt into his mouth. He savored the sweet, tangy and
slightly salty flavor of her.
Julie cried out as her orgasm spread from her cunt through the
rest of her body like an uncontrollable wildfire, causing her flesh
to feel almost as if it were on fire. Her breathing went out of control
as beads of sweat began to run down her face and chest in torrents.
At the sound of Julie cumming John lifted her hips slightly from
the cushion and slide his hands underneath her body to caress her
ass cheeks and thighs while he fucked her with his tongue, lapping
greedily at her clit.
Finally coming down from the high of her orgasm, Julie relaxed
her body and let her torso slump back against the the floor and pillow
beneath her. Opening her eyes she looked past Toms wooly head to
see John lowering her lower body back to the floor and his face still
buried in her snatch. Titling her head she whispered in Toms ear,
"God, that was good but now I think it is time to go upstairs and let
me take care of you guys, after all I wouldn't want those two big hard
cocks to go to waste, now would we?". A smile spread across her lips
as Tom was only able to manage a nod.
"John, Tom and I were thinking it is about time we all went
upstairs, what do you think?" she asked mischievously.
"Yeah, let's go upstairs so we can fuck the rest of our brains out,"
John said as he got up from the floor and reached for Julies hand to
help her up.
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