by Wassit
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Chapter Five: Pleasure
"Should I be on top or bottom fellas?" Julie asked as she walked
into Johns bedroom and flipped on the lights, "by the way, you guys
don't mind if I leave the lights on do you? Because I like to see what
it is that I am eating," she asked as she turned, licked her lips
seductively and smiled at the two men standing just inside the doorway.
"I think you should be in the middle and as for the lights, who
cares," John said coming further into the room to embrace Julie
and fondle her ass. Nuzzling her neck John sensed before he felt
Tom embrace Julie from behind and begin to caress her back and
"Hmm, that feels good, don't stop you guys," Julie purred.
Feeling Toms hand trying to get between them John stepped back
just enough for Tom to get his hands on Julies breasts and begin to
roll her nipples between his fingers. Lowering his head to her titties
John began to lick her nipples as Tom tugged and rolled them in his
hands. Running a hand over her stomach John began to caress her
hips just above her triangle and he could feel her stomach fluttering
at his touch. Slowly he let his fingers entangle themselves in her fur,
he could feel her breath quicken against his neck as she leaned closer
to him.
"I want to feel the two of you inside of me at the same time," Julie
whispered into John ear as she ran her hands down his back to his
buttocks and squeezed them tightly in her hands. Letting her hands
slide up his back Julie pulled herself tightly against his chest, and
kissed him urgently, letting her tongue seek out his.
Feeling the urgency of Julies passion as they kissed John let his
finger slip inside of her womanhood and thumbed her clit softly,
moving his thumb in little circles around the hardened tissue.
Feeling Julie pull back from him he looked her directly in the eyes
as she broke free of Toms embrace also. He continued watching
her as she moved toward the bed and then beckoned him him
with an outstretched hand and seductive smile.
Moving toward her as if in a daze Tom reached for her naked
form but she again eluded his grasp as she fell back onto the silk
covered bed and scrambled to the middle where she sat back on
her calfs with a playful smile across her lips and again beckoned to
John and Tom. Looking momentarily at Tom John joined Julie on
the bed as Tom moved around to the other side of the bed to do the
Feeling the bed shift as Tom added his bulk to the bed John again
reached for Julie but she stopped him with a push on his chest as she
threw her legs on either side of him.
Leaning over Julie kissed John hard on the lips.
"Never forget that I'm running this show, so all you have to do
is just sit back and do what I tell you to, got it?" she whispered into
his ear after she broke their kiss. Lifting her hips slightly she poised
herself above John rigid member for what seemed like an eternity
before slowly impaling herself on his cock.
"Ahh," John moaned as he felt the delicious heat of her womanhood
as it slide excruciatingly slowly over his engorged cock, she sent waves
of pleasure crashing though him as she used the muscles of her cunt
to alternately squeeze and release him as she descended onto him.
"Yeah, that's it, let mama hear you," Julie said breathlessly as she
squeezed him harder, hilting herself on him, "Does it feel good? Do
you like the way I squeeze your cock?" she asked as she leaned over
to run her hands over his chest and shoulders.
"Yes," John managed to gasp as his senses were being overwhelmed.
He greedily grab her hips and held them tightly as he began to thrust
his cock up at her. Feeling Julies hips fall into tune with his rhythm
as he settled down to a steady pace.
As she looked down at Johns face Julie beckoned for Tom to join
them. Feeling Toms strong hands stroking her thighs as John pumped
his cock in and out of her Julie let out a soft moan. Feeling Toms
mouth suckle in her right nipple she threw back her head and thrust
out her chest as if to stuff more of the turgid nubbin into his hungry
Sensing from the sounds that he was making that that John was
near his orgasm she grabbed his pelvis and held it steady as she
rolled onto her side toward Tom.
As if he were reading her mind Tom somehow knew exactly
what she wanted and positioned himself behind her and grasped
her hips firmly and then entered her ass, slowly until he felt himself
hilted. He waited for Julie to initiate the thrusting, giving her time
to adjust to his length inside of her.
Mewling softly at the sensation of being penetrated at once by two
men Julie shut her eyes tightly and began to slowly thrust her hips
forward toward John.
Taking his cue from Julie Tom pulled out as John thrust into Julies
cunt. Feeling Julies back stroke toward him he again buried his cock
inside of her. Reaching up with his right hand began to roll her
nipple between his fingers and nibble on her neck and ear.
Settling into a steady but ever increasing pace Julie thrilled to
the waves of ecstasy crashing through her body and saturating
her mind. Clutching at John she humped him furiously, like
some wild beast that was only capable of craving pleasure and
whose appetite must be stated at all costs.
Gasping at the sensations bombarding her simultaneously from
every orifice and spreading like a wild fire through her body she
gave herself over completely to her omnipotent orgasm as she
screamed loudly her release.
As she came down from the seemingly endless ultimate high
of orgasm she became aware of Johns and Toms cocks spasming
simultaneously in her two orifices as their orgasms overcame
them both. Finally she stopped thrusting her hips as relaxed her
body into an exhausted heap between her two breathless lovers.
Feeling Tom roll away from her backside she took the opportunity
to lay flat on her back and open her eyes.
Looking over at John she could discern a familiar look of nirvana
on his face as he rolled over onto his stomach beside her. Turning
to look at Tom she could see that he too had a look of bliss on his
face with his eyes still tightly shut. Reaching out her hands one
to each lover she stroked them languidly with her fingers, one
his back the other his stomach.
Opening his eyes at her touch John smiled broadly at Julie and
craned his neck for a soft kiss.
"Hmm so John are you glad we did this now?" she asked
mischievously as she continued to stroke his back and side.
"Hmm, I guess it turned out better than I thought it would after all,"
"Ha, I'd say. That was the most intense sex I have ever had, thanks
guys for fulfilling an old fantasy of mine," Julie said snuggling in
deeper into the mattress, "so Tom how was it for you?" Julie asked
turning her head toward him where she saw that he was fast asleep.
"I guess we must have wore him out, huh John" she replied with
a wry grin on her face as she turned back to John.
"Yeah I guess so," John replied as he snuggle closer to Julie.
"Hmm I'm feeling mellow too though so good night John and
don't forget the lights."
Postlogue: John
It has been exactly six months to the day since Tom, Julie
and I first had group sex and four months since we all moved in
together. Who knew that none of us would be able to get enough?
Who knew that it would become an all consuming passion of
ours? I sure as hell didn't have a clue. The more we do it the
stronger our appetite for group sex seems to grow. Sometimes
we go out to clubs to look for people to bring into our little group,
splitting up when we get there and canvassing the room looking
for potential partners but somehow searching for our prey as if
we were one animal. This hasn't become the norm for us yet
though, most nights we just enjoy each other, but I can easily
see the day coming when it probably will. That is if nothing
changes and one or more of us comes to his or her senses but
for now we are content. As for me personally? Well let's just
say that I can adapt to anything, no matter how strange it may be,
especially if it means that I get !
Julie back. Well I have got to be going now journal, I have to go
meet Tom and Julie, we are supposed to be having diner as we
speak so good night, talk to you later.

John hurriedly got up from his desk, grabbing his keys as he
flew out of the door to keep his appointment.

Silk Sheets © 1998 Wassit. All Rights Reserved.
Do not reproduce or distribute without the
expressed written consent of the author.
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