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September 2002

100 Happy Naked NYCers

100 HAPPY NAKED NEW YORKERS by Kiana Tower is available for purchase through Amazon.com

100 Happy Naked New Yorkers is an insider's view of the New York City social scene. Why is sex, and dating, better on the East Coast? In what ways did 9/11 change lives for the better? In a city of small apartments and multiple roommates, what are the most unusual places people are having sex in New York? In May and June of 2002, author Kiana Tower polled over 100 New Yorkers on the intimate details of their social lives. The survey revealed surprising results. Ten months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, many New Yorkers are reporting that their lives have changed for the better, particularly their sex lives. And New Yorkers show an amazing creativity and appetite for variety when it comes to choosing unusual places to have sex. 100 Happy Naked New Yorkers also contains bonus materials at the end, with a generous sample of the author's other book: Sex in Silicon Valley - the geeks of the Valley are getting more than you'd think.


August 2002

Slow Trains

SLOW TRAINS Literary Journal by Susannah Indigo (Editor) is available for purchase through Amazon.com

Slow Trains Literary Journal exists as a celebration of great writing, with an emphasis on fiction, essays, and poetry that reflect the spirit of adventure, the exploration of the soul, the energies of imagination, and the experience of Big Fun. Music, travel, sex, humor, love, loss, art, spirituality, childhood/coming of age, baseball, and dreams -- these are a few of their favorite things -- but most of all they share the ideas, the memories, and the visions that their writers are most passionate about.


July 2002


INTERCOURSES: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook by Martha Hopkins, Randall Lockridge is available for purchase through Amazon.com

Forget Spanish fly or powdered rhino horn; if you want to get your lover in the mood, look no farther than your local supermarket. Strawberries, chocolate, asparagus--even coffee--have long been considered stimulants for the romantic appetite. For centuries, folk wisdom held that foods either rare or resembling a sexual organ had tremendous power over the libido. Modern science has since debunked that theory, but there's no denying that a meal lovingly prepared and properly presented with just the right ambience can precipitate the most passionate encounters. In Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook, Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge appeal to all the senses as they offer up 85 heart-melting, temperature-raising dishes, along with an array of sensuous photographs that will make you look at food in a whole new light.

The book is divided into 17 sections, each one devoted to a particular food with aphrodisiac qualities, from chocolate and chilies to black beans and oysters. Following these are recipes for massage oils, seasonal dishes, and meals to appeal to every astrological sign and every stage of a relationship, from first date to golden anniversary. There's even a list of resources on subjects ranging from further reading on aphrodisiacs to locating aromatherapy candles. Just reading Intercourses is a sensual experience--imagine what eating from it will be! Read a review of InterCourses by JZ Sharpe!


June 2002

Beyond Seduction

BEYOND SEDUCTION by Emma Holly is available for purchase through Amazon.com

To avoid marriage, Merry Vance has concocted a sinfully scandalous scheme: to pose for Nicolas Craven, London's most sought-after artist. No man in his right mind would marry a woman who posed nude for this notorious rogue. But Nicolas has his own plans for the fiesty young woman. And Merry has no idea how hot it can get in an artist's studio.

kahtt's Review: Emma Holly's latest book, Beyond Seduction, is the second in a series - I hope. Ms. Holly's unique mix of intense sensuality, well crafted characters and romantic plot makes Beyond Seduction a must read.

Set in the late 1800s England, a union between a sinfully notorious artist and a Duke's daughter would be scandalous! But this is the perfect setting for Ms. Holly to weave her tale. Nicolas Craven and Merry Vance don't just seduce us, they let us into their intimate lives and share with us all the sorrows and ultimate joys on their journey to happiness. The supporting characters -- Evangeline, Sebastian, Lavinia Vance and Althorp do their jobs well and are just as interesting to "watch." In fact I would love to see my favorite supporting character, Ernest, in his own novel ...

As in past novels, Ms. Holly allows the reader to experience each thought, each sensation and each emotion of the characters. Read this one when you have time because you won't want to put it down.


May 2002

Why Should Guys Have All the Fun?

WHY SHOULD GUYS HAVE ALL THE FUN? Beating Men at Their Own Game of Sexual Conquest by By Cindy X. Novo is available for purchase through Amazon.Com

Read a review of this novel by JZ Sharpe!



ebtn Love Cake by Maura Martin

Comments to the author may be sent to: Maura Martin


ebtn An Ugly Word by Lesly Sloan

ebtn Predator by Lesly Sloan

ebtn Polly Wants a Cracker by Lesly Sloan

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ebtn The Valley of Desire by Glenn Beuhring

ebtn The Valley of Desire II by Glenn Beuhring

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ebtn The Rose by SS Hampton, Sr.

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ebtnThe Limo by Tavie
ebtnHot Tub Encounter by Tavie

In her mid thirties and youngest of eight children, Tavie writes short
stories and poetry when the mood, or the muse, strikes. The rest of her
time is spent in a traveling photo studio taking pictures of children,
families, lovers, and friends. It is a great job for someone who enjoys
dealing with people.

Comments to the author may be sent to: Tavie

ebtnThe Hardest Ride of All by E.Y. Cain
ebtnMidnight Ride by E.Y. Cain

Like name of the site, I'm erratic, neurotic and erotic. I like writing smut
for a living, not that I'm making much more than a pittance, but it satisfies
my inner woman. I'm 42, married for 17 years, owned by two neutered male
cats, both of whom consider me to be a fine mattress and wonderful scratching
machine, and a bit on the scattered side, especially when I'm writing ...

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September 2002

Steamy Erotic Poetry


by John Solomon is available for purchase through Amazon.com


August 2002

Dreams of the Woman


by Tee Corinne is available for purchase through Amazon.com



July 2002

BBC love poems

THE NATION'S FAVOURITE LOVE POEMS by Daisy Goodwin is available through Amazon.co.uk

A selection of 100 popular love poems, based on a nation-wide poll. They include John Donne's "The Good-Morrow", Shakespeare's sonnet "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?", Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress", and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How Do I Love Thee?".


June 2002

Romantic Women Poets

ROMANTIC WOMEN POETS by Duncan Wu is available through Amazon.co.uk

For anyone interested in the literature of this date, adn for those who are specifically interested in the development of women's poetry, this is a most interesting collection of verse.


May 2002

A Chocolate Taste
A CHOCOLATE TASTE by Saphron is available for purchase through Amazon.com


ebtn More Poetry by Pearl E
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ebtn Poetry by NightGem
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ebtn Poetry by XL Woo
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ebtn Poetry by Pearl E
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ebtn Poetry by Tavie
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