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Chapter Two: Chance Meeting
IT had been over two weeks since his secretary
had tried and failed to find out if Julie Nemare still
lived in Atlanta but John was still unable to get Julie
off of his mind as he sat in his office working on the
Wooding business deal. Even though he knew that there
had been a long passage of time since the last time they
had even talked let alone seen one another, for some
reason he could not fathom, he still wanted to find her
and see how she was doing. He realized that she might
be entirely uninterested in ever seeing him again for a
number of reasons. It wasn't that they had broken up on
the most unpleasant terms, at least by break up standards
anyway, it was that they had both decided that they
definitely wanted different things out of life and decided
that it would be best if they tried to find happiness
with someone that wanted the same things that they each did.

Glancing down at his watch he noticed that it was
lunchtime. Maybe I will try that new steak house over
on Magnolia. I think I will walk after all it is only
a couple of blocks away he thought as he got up from his
desk to grab his suit jacket and winters coat.


Reaching the street John walked half a block north
before turning right onto Magnolia and headed toward
Buffalo's steak house. Walking with his head down as he
continued to think about Julie John didn't see the young
woman coming toward him until he bumped into her.

"Oh!" they exclaimed simultaneously as the woman's
packages went flying out of her hands. John bent down and
began to help the woman retrieve her packages

"I'm so sorry I should have been watching where I was
going," He said apologetically.

"Oh no it's not all you fault I should have been
watching too sometimes I just don't know where my mind
is... hey don't I know you??" the woman said pausing
to take a closer look at John face as he continued to
pick up her packages from the ground.

"Huh, what?," he said as he stopped to look up
at the woman "Julie!," he exclaimed incredulously as
recognition came over his face.

"John! It is you!, I thought it was but I wasn't

"Julie Nemare I can't believe my eyes it must have
been what? eight years at least since the last time we
laid eye on each other."

"Yeah eight years at least," she said nodding her
head in agreement.

"So John how has everything been going with you?."

"Good, good. I have my own business now,"

"Oh right! I ran in to Sally Morton a few months
back and she told me that so how has business been lately?
You are an investment broker now right?" "

Yes that's right and business has been pretty good
lately, I can't complain. So what about you? What are
you doing now?"

"I work for Dow Chemical now."

"That sounds pretty nice."

"It's okay the pay is pretty good but the hours are

"So Julie, what are you doing right now? I was on my
way to get some lunch and I was hoping you wouldn't mind
joining me?"

"Oh lunch..."

"Well I just thought we could get caught up and
reminisce over old times or something ...I understand
if you are busy or something."

"Oh no I think I would like that very much just let
me put these packages into my car and we can get going."

"Okay that sounds good to me, here let me get those
for you. Where are you parked?"

"Right over there," she said pointing to a car
about a block away, "the red BMW."

After John and Julie had finished ordering their
meals and a few minuets of catching up they were
chattering away like old friends again.

"So Julie what brings you to Auburn?"

"Oh didn't I tell? Dow has stationed me at their
plant right here in Auburn."

"No you didn't tell me that. So how long have you
been here?"

"Oh I just got into town two days ago. I don't
'officially' start for another week so I thought I'd
take this time to look around and acclimate myself to
my new surrounds and do some shopping."

"Oh I see. So how do you like it so far?"

"It is okay. A little small townnish but it seems
hmm....cozy I guess would best describe the feeling I
get from this town."

"Yeah it isn't much but it is a nice place to live
the quiet life and maybe even raise a family someday."

"Raise a family!" she snorted, "I haven't even
found anyone that I like dating enough to even go out
with them more than a few times much less marry,"
she laughed.

"Oh me neither I meant that if I did find someone
this wouldn't be the worst place I could think of to
settle down in and raise a family is all, so I take it
you didn't leave anyone behind in Atlanta then?,"

"No, not really," she answered quietly looking
down at her half-finished steak and forking a bit into
her mouth. "Oh listen to me I have just been going on
and on about myself since we got here, what about you?
Are you seeing anyone seriously?"

"Uuuhh that would be no. I am not seeing anyone
seriously or otherwise at the moment. I have been
serious with anyone for oh about a year now since I
broke up with Sydney and haven't found anyone I
clicked with since,"

"Oh I see...oh look at the time I've got to get
going I am supposed to meet with the decorator at two
and it is already one thirty! But before I go why don't
we exchange numbers? Maybe we can go out for drinks
sometimes," She said taking out a pen and piece of
paper, "Now here's my number, what's

"502-0421. I usually get home around six or
so most nights,"

"Good I have to be going but if you decide you
want to go out sometimes or just talk on the phone
give me a ring and I'll do the same, okay?"

"Sure I think I'd like that,"

"Cool see you later John it was great seeing you
again," as she rummaged through here purse looking for
her visa card.

"It was great seeing you too Julie and let me get
this one, Okay? Now you take care and we'll get together
soon, okay,"

"Thanks and yes real soon." she said as they gave
each other a brief hug and she hurried out to her car.

"Will that be cash or charge sir?" the waiter said
breaking John out of his reverie as he watched Julie's
receding form.

"Oh, sorry. That will be cash keep the change,"

"Very good sir and you have a nice day."

John walked outside into the warmth of the sunshine
and pondered his chance encounter with Julie today.
What are the odds that I'd run into her in the very
city I live in after two weeks of looking for her
with out any success at all? Pretty unreal I'd bet.
Maybe it was fate that we both happened to be walking
on the same street and ran into each other. and there
is the fact that she is single too and who knows?
Maybe we will end up back together again he thought
as he started back toward his office building.


It's been four days since I had lunch with Julie
maybe I should give her a call and see if maybe she would
like to catch a movie or something John thought as the
phone in his study began to ring.


"Oh Julie, I was jus thinking about giving you a call."
"Yeah I'd like to have lunch with you again too how about
Sunday then?"

"Great, now what are you doing tonight?"

"Nothing, well how about going out with me to a
movie or something?"

"I haven't eaten either so why don't we go to
dinner at Denaro's before the movie?"

"Oh anything, how about you pick one since you're
the new one in town,"

"I know but I hate picking movies so I am putting
that duty off on you," he said chuckling

"Okay see you around say six thirty then?"

"Okay, bye." Hanging up the phone John sat back
in his leather chair with a smile on his face pleasantly
surprised that he would have female companionship for
the evening.

After they had ordered their food John and Julie
started reminiscing again about their college days together,
their jobs and the last few years of their lives.

"You know Julie I was just thinking about you the other
day right before we bumped into each other on Magnolia

"Really, now that's weird I had had a dream
about you just a couple of days before I got into town
and it had made me wonder what had happened to you."

"Wow that is weird it's almost like some cosmic
force brought us together or something," John quipped

"Yeah," Julie chuckled as she patting his hand
across the table.

"So are you looking to get involved right now or
no?" he asked looking her directly in the eyes.

"I am sorry I had no right to ask that." John
said in response to her silence as she looked away
from him at her hands.

"No...that's okay. I don't mind answering that.
Actually I am not actively looking for a relationship
or anything right now. Even thought it has been a yea!
r since I broke up with Todd I still feel like I need...
more time to work on myself and try to be happy with me,
you know what I mean?"

"Yeah I can completely understand that. Break
ups are hard especially when one has invested lots of
time and emotions into them and then suddenly one day
it's over. I completely understand the needing time

"Thanks John," Julie said smiling at his

"Oh look at the time we better get going if we
still plan on catching the movie," John exclaimed
as he motioned for the check.

"Now that was the most awful picture I have ever
seen" Julie exclaimed as they walked out of the theater
toward her car.

"I know that bit about a giant sea creature
attacking a ship is sooo tired for Christ's sakes!"

"Yeah I know Hollywood has done the same movie
now what? At least six times."

"I know Deep Blue my ass!" John said as he and
Julie continued to share laughter at the movie's expense.

"So do you want to go get something to drink or
should I just take you home?" Julie asked as they
arrived at her car and she began looking for her keys.

"Hmm I do feel like a night cap but I kind of
don't feel like going to Fink's or Niffers too much."

"We could go back to my place I have a couple of
very good California wines."
"Now that sounds nice, okay let's go," John said
as they got into the car and took off.

"Let's have our drinks in the den," Julie said as she
opened the front door and flipped on the living room lights
and proceeded down a short hallway just off of the kitchen.

"Have a seat on the couch and I'll get our drinks."
Julie said as she stopped just outside of a doorway.

"Okay," John said as he came into the room and removed
his coat. Taking a seat on the couch John laid his jacket
across the arm of the couch as he began to look around the
room. He could see that she had already done a lot of
decorating since she has been here. He noticed the artwork
she had on the walls, a Monet and a Picasso, reproductions
he guessed. Getting up to get a better look at the
pictures he discovered that they were in fact the
real thing, Nice, but then again Julie always did
have great taste in art he thought as he returned
to his seat.

"Here let me take that," Julie said as she
re-entered the room with a serving tray with a bottle
of wine and two glasses a top the tray, which she
placed on to the oak coffee table. Taking the coat
she left the room and he could hear her footsteps
receding down the hallway.

Returning a few seconds later Julie took a seat
next to John and began to fill their wine glasses.

"Here's to old friends," Julie said as she handed
him his glass and raised her glass to him in a toast.

"To old friends," John nodded and drank.

"You know John I had a really good time tonight,"

"Really! me too, good I'm glad,"

"Cool," Julie said taking another sip of her wine.

"So, if you don't mind my asking, just what is it
you are going to be doing here for Dow?" John asked.

"I'll be doing some R&D work on new high performance
composite materials."

"WOW! Sounds... challenging to say the least,"

"It is but that's exactly why I love my work so and
exactly why I took this position when it came open,"
Julie said as she refilled her wine glass.

"You know when Dow first asked me to take this
position" she continued. "I was more than a little
apprehensive about moving away from all of my friends
and the comfort zone I had built in Atlanta but so far
it hasn't been nearly as bad as I had thought it would be.
I stopped by the office yesterday and met most of the
people that will be working for me and they all seemed
pretty nice so I am keeping my fingers crossed everything
will continue to work out there, and then I ran into you,
literally, and then Atlanta didn't seem so far away you
know? Because at least someone else I know is here with
me and that makes it easier to adjust," she said reaching
over to pat his knee.

"Well it is good that you are getting off to such
a good start here in Auburn and don't ever hesitate
to give me a call when ever you feel like doing something
or if you just want someone to chat with. There isn't
much of a night scene around here but there is a lot of
artistic things to do, if you are into that kind of stuff,"
John said with a reassuring smile.

"We'll that is nice to know, that I can call you
anytime that is," Julie responded returning his smile.
"So do you want anything to snack on with your drink?"
Julie asked after a brief pause.

"Oh no I'm fine, thank you,"

Julie leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips.
Startled John spilled his drink on his pants.

"Oops, let me take that," Julie said laughing
playfully as she took his glass and placed it upon
the coffee table. "Now let's try that again," she
said as she leaned over to kiss him again.

Feeling the soft pressure of her lips against
his John responded by taking her into his arms and
pulling her close as his erection grew in his pants.
Caressing her back he let his hands travel up her back
to her shoulders before letting them slip around to
cup her breast in his large muscular hands. Reveling
in the soft, pliant feel of her breasts he moaned
softly in her mouth as she placed her hands upon his
chest and gently pushed him back.

Watching her as she leaned back from him John
took in the look of desire on her face as she began
to unbutton her blouse and let it fall from her brown,
slender shoulders. He felt his heart beat even faster
as she reached behind her to unfasten her bra and then
let it fall slowly from her breast. Intense desire fired
through him as she revealed her perfectly shaped breasts
to his hungry eyes.

Lowering his head to her beautiful mounds of flesh
he took her right nipple into his mouth as each of his
hands cupped a breast. Rolling his tongue over the warm,
turgid flesh of her nipple a ripple of pleasure ran through
his body as he felt her hand between his legs cupping his
manhood. Feeling her warm breath on the side of his face
and neck as she made a low moaning sound deep in her throat
and leaned closer to him as if to tell him to stuff more of
her into his mouth. Feeling her hands on his zipper beads
of sweat began to pop out across John's head in anticipation
of the softness of her hands engulfing his cock.

Suddenly his manhood was encased in her warm sensuous
touch and John shivered in ecstasy at her touch.
Feeling her fingers traveling lightly up and then
down his shaft he let out a low, deep moan as he
continued to feast on her breast. Lifting his head
he looked her in the face and watch with a mild
fascination at the look of concentration on her
face as her fingers continued their assault on his
cock. Lifting his hips slightly off of the couch
he reached for his belt buckle but was stopped by
Julie's hand on his as she took the buckle in her
hands and finished unfastening his pants. Looking
down at his swollen cock Julie lowered her head and
gave it a slow lick up it's shaft. Raising her head
she then proceeded to finish pulling his pants down
over his hips to his knees taking his underwear with

Standing John looked Julie lustfully in the face
as he finished pushing his pants down to his ankles
before he stepped out of them. Reaching his hand out
to Julie he took her hand in his as she came to her
feet. Pulling her close he kissed her passionately
on the lips as her hands gripped his firm buttocks,
letting their tongues duel.

Breaking their embrace Julie took his hand and
lead him out of the den down the hall to her bedroom.
Leading him to her bed she placed her hands on his
chest and pushed him down on the bed.

"Just one minute my sweet, I want to turn on
the lights so that I can see your face when you come,"
Julie said as she left the bed. Soft light suddenly
flooding the room John could see her standing near
the door in her half-naked state. Watching the sway
of her hips as she slowly walked toward the bed John
sat up straight against the headboard of the bed so
that he could get a better view of her body.

Stopping about halfway to the bed Julie reached
behind her and began to slowly remove her skirt, pulling
it down slowly revealing her full hips and the deep
rich brown of her shapely thighs.

Revealing in the sight of her John let his eyes
began to travel over her perfect form stopping first
on her beautiful face and then traveling down her
voluptuous form to her breasts before moving on to
her tightly muscled stomach, womanly hips and shapely
legs before retreating back up to the furry patch of
heaven between her thighs.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked in a low
husky whisper. Unable to speak John slowly nodded
his head his eyes never leaving her mesmerizing form
as she walked toward him and stopped just short of the
bed to run her hands up and down his chest to his stomach
then back up to his chest.

Leaning over she kissed him lightly on the lips
and then let the kiss deepen as he responded to her.
Breaking their kiss she lifted one leg and entered the
bed. Rolling over on top of his prone form she then sat
up straddling his form. Running her hands over his
muscled chest she leaned over and kissed him again.

Feeling the electricity of her kiss flow through
him John let his hands glide over her thighs to her hips
as he squirmed to slide his inflamed cock into her.
Locking firmly onto her hips he moaned softly at the
anticipation of entering her. Feeling her lift her hips
slightly he thrust his pelvis upward just as she lowered
herself down onto him again. Closing his eyes as ecstasy
flashed through his entire body as he felt his burning
cock slide into her soft, warm wet folds while the softness
of the silk sheets on the bed caressed his backside, and
heighten his sense of arousal.

Pleasure coursed through him as he began to slide
his harden length in and out of her womanhood. He
moaned with pleasure as he felt her muscles contracting
and then releasing around his cock. Feeling her hands
grasping at his shoulders and then sliding silkily to
his back John opened his eyes and saw Julie in the throws
of passion. Her hair was hanging over her face and
breasts as she countered him thrust for thrust. He
watched the beads of sweat running down her chest to her
navel as she jabbed away at him with her pelvis.

Matching her thrust for thrust his orgasm began to
overwhelm him as he increased the pace of his gyrations,
plunging her depths deeper and harder at the same time.
Locking onto her hips tighter he closed his eyes and began
to grunt as he started thrusting with abandon at the intense
pleasure streaming through his loin to his brain. Hearing
her moans mingling with his own and feeling the wild gyrations
of her body in time with his own maniac thrusting pushed him
completely over the top. He cried out in ecstasy as he gave
one final deep thrust and held her hips against his as he
pumped his seed deep inside her.

Feeling Julie's nails digging deeply into his shoulders
and back he knew she was enraptured in her own personal
euphoria as the volume of her moans gently increased and
he could feel the walls of her cunt quivering around his
cock as she came.

After Julie rolled over off of his still panting sweaty
body John wrapped his arm around her shoulders and
snuggled up next to her and jut lay there thinking.
God I can't believe this just happened! What does it
mean? Does she want to get back together? Hell do I
want to get into another relationship for that matter?
I think I am ready for another relationship but what if
she isn't? God what if she doesn't want to get back
together? What then? I don't think I want just a purely
sexual relationship. So what do I tell her if that is
all she wants? I know I'll tell her that that sort of
thing just isn't for me, yeah that's it!

"Julie I..."

"Ssshhh... let's just enjoy the moment and fall
asleep in each others arms tonight, we can talk in the
morning," Julie mumbled in a sleepy whisper as she
snuggled in closer to his body putting her head on his
chest and closed her eyes.


John heard Julie coming down the stairs as he took
the homemade biscuits out of the oven and sat them atop
the stove. Reaching for a bowl to place them in before
sitting them on the table he heard Julie come through the
kitchen door.

"Hmm...I smell biscuits and ham and ...what else
smells so good?" Julie asked as she came over to look over
his shoulder and give him a peck on the cheek.

"I made an omelet, hash browns and fresh squeeze
orange juice too, they're over on the table already.
Just a minute and the biscuits will all be buttered,"
he answered.

"Great," Julie said as she gave him a soft rub
across the back before seating herself at the table
and began to fill her plate with food.

Setting the biscuits on the table and taking the
seat across from Julie John began to silently fill his
plate with food. Finished filling his plate he lowered
his head for a brief moment before looking up directly
into Julie's eyes.

"So how are you this morning? Sleep well?"
He asked.

"Hmm I feel great and I slept pretty good, it
was a real restful kind of sleep,how about you?
Look refreshed this morning."

"Good, I slept good,"

"God! Look at the time, I am supposed to meet
my sister at the Auburn airport at nine o'clock and
it is already eight forty-five, she is going to kill
me!" Julie exclaimed as she jumped up from her seat
hurriedly drink her glass of juice and grabbing a
biscuit, "sorry, I have to run. Thanks for the
breakfast it was wonderful," she said as she grab
her coat from the kitchen closet "my keys, where did
I put them," she wondered aloud as she patted her pant
pockets and then suddenly remembering she hurried

Well I guess that puts off us discussing where,
if anywhere, this relationship is or isn't going John
thought to himself as he took another bite of his omelet.

"Oh John,...John," he heard Julie calling just
before she burst into the room.

"John, do you mind letting yourself?"

"Oh no I don't mind," he replied quietly

"Great, I don't mean to rush you or anything so
finish your breakfast and just leave the dishes in the
sink and I will get them when I get back. I'll give
you a call sometimes, okay?"


"Bye," she said as she gave him a little wave and
was gone like a flash out of the kitchen door. John
could hear the wine of her car engine as she stormed
out of the driveway and down the street. Well I guess
I had better get going, I need to get home anyway John
thought as he got up from the table to go call himself a
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