At the Ocean

by Katrina Devlin


At the Ocean © 1998 Katrina Devlin. All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the author.

Down at the ocean,
our time to get away.

The balcony door stands open.
Crisp fall air,
cools and caresses our bodies,
as we lie naked on the hotel bed.

Tangled in a mess,
of arms and legs,
your strong yet gentle fingers,
probe, explore,
heat me from the inside.

I squirm with delight,
as you find the sacred spot,
the warmth spreads within me,
I gasp and cry out.

Clawing at your warm buttocks,
I draw you deeper into my mouth.
My moans and sighs,
vibrate against your flesh,
making you even harder, more rigid.

We writhe, we moan,
the tension builds,
the waves crash in on us.

Outside our room,
a flock of gulls take flight,
carrying the sounds of our joy,
out over the water,
into the sea.

© 1998 Katrina Devlin

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